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MBR Global Services

MBR Global Services is the one-stop solution that offers a wide range of services under one roof. Planning to surprise your wife with the best tourism package? Determined to pursue your education abroad? Want to work overseas to build a successful future? You are at the right place. We help our customers to achieve their dreams in the quickest and safest way possible.


Who We Are and What We Do.

MBR Consultants, the travel agency was founded two decades ago to help our valuable customers go on luxury tours within their affordable travel budget. Our founder, Mr Vijay Balakrishna Rao, named the agency after his beloved parents, Manorama Balakrishna Rao. He values his relations more than anything and thus, Making Better Relation is the core values of our organization. A believer in the era for the people, Mr.VB Rao wanted to expand his business into providing reliable services to students, workers and professionals to reach their abroad goals.

Thus, he renamed the agency ‘MBR Global Services’. The company soon grew as a reputable name and supported people in their quest to study abroad or relocate for work. When someone decides to move to a foreign country for education or work, they confront many questions and doubts within their minds and also from around. MBR Global Services was established with the motto to answer all those questions through their effective career guidance, migration and legal immigration services. Additionally, we provide aggressive coaching to help everyone clear the English entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, PTE,& Skills for English which are required to fly abroad to study or for a job.

If you are already a student or just out of college in your Homeland, it is not too late or too early to experience and explore the United States, if you wish that. We help you to land an interesting internship opportunity in the US through Internship Program,Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Be it Canada’s LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) or UK’s Healthcare Industry, you name it, we provide the right counselling and initiate the process to help you attain the future you have planned.

Unlike most agencies, we do not cut ties with our customers once they land on foreign soil. We maintain our relations forever and provide them with local support whenever they need it. We want our customers to embark on the journey with no fear and doubts but enjoy the moments just like how they do it on their big days. Moving abroad is also a milestone event in our lives. Why not enjoy that too? Focus on preparing yourself and providing us with the right documents. We will take care of your visa, air tickets, travel insurance, and all that is needed for your comfortable journey and stay.

What Makes Us Stand Apart from Others?

Zero Processing Fees

We do not charge any fees from the customers to engage the Career Counseling Services. There is no extra burden for you.

Direct Association

We do not rely on intermediaries abroad to help you with work or education. We directly work with the University or Company concerned

Local Support

We have local guides in the countries you will be flying to. They will help you to comfortably settle down and get started.

Strong Alumni Network

Our alumni network will answer your questions on the lifestyle and culture of the destination, which will help you to prepare.

Partners Forever

We maintain the relationship with our customers even after years of their new life in their dream country.

Our Achievements

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Find out how we’ve made a difference for others

In 2017, I stumbled upon this office for our USA visa applications. Mr. Vijay’s professionalism and expertise stood out. He guided us meticulously, making the entire process smooth and successful. His invaluable assistance made a significant difference. I wholeheartedly recommend his visa consultancy, especially for USA and Canada.

Raghav Poojari

I had a great experience with MBR Global Services. They provided clear explanations and guided me through every step to secure my visa. Their constant accessibility and effective handling of my queries were truly appreciated. Many thanks to the entire team. I’m thrilled as I embark on my journey to London, fulfilling my dream destination.

Jyoti Grover

Our trip across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan was seamlessly managed by the staff. They handled everything from tickets and visas to local transport and sightseeing with precision. Vijay Sir’s personal touch ensured a worry-free experience, leaving us both relaxed and amazed. MBR truly created an unforgettable journey that we’ll forever cherish.

Ajay Dhiman

MBR Global Services provided an amazing experience. For any inquiries regarding overseas services, MBR is the ultimate destination. Thank you, MBR, for being the perfect solution to all my needs.

Vini Kotian

My personal encounter with MBR has been genuinely positive. Their approachability, effective communication, and unwavering loyalty make them excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to seek their services. Vijay’s consistent guidance is invaluable. 👍

Riya Pinto

This is the second time I have approached MBR. Right from documentation till preparation of the passport interview, Vijay Rao sir had been a great help. I would highly recommend the MBR Passport service. 👍

Safruna Panjwani