Student counselling

Every student needs guidance at some stage in their life. It not only provides personality insights but also offers ways to improve any shortcomings. Listening to them, reading their mind, knowing what exactly they are looking for, and accordingly showing the right path to their career….

Why MBR Global Services for Educational Counselling?

  • Finding the Right Career Path
  • Providing Resources
  • Attain Confidence and Insight
  • Getting Rid of Frustration
  • Stabilizing the Thoughts
  • Steps to Make the Most of Educational Counselling Services
  • Self-Evaluation
  • List down Skill Set
  • List down Academic Goals
  • Research Resources
  • Develop a Career Plan

We are here to help you in

  • Evaluating optimal course/degree
  • Figuring out the institute best suited to their needs
  • Applying for admissions and scholarships
  • Scoring language competency tests
  • Writing motivation essays and research proposals
  • Development of interpersonal skills, management skills, and leadership qualities

Production of referrals

  • Language Training:

Language is about so much more than learning words. Application, context and meaning, can differ massively in different countries. Language is to know one another better, even cities or towns within the same country can be diverse when it comes to traditions and cultures. Understanding when and how to use particular words and phrases is particularly important in business. Cultural significance also plays a huge part in communication and some countries place great importance on observing business etiquette.

When it comes to studying in Germany, most of the public institutions require the German Language at all levels, there you may need to know the Germany language to avail 100% of scholarship like your tuition fees will be 0 and you may only need to bear the living expenses. This point of time you may require Language coaching, and MBR Global Services provides the German Language coaching at all levels.

  • Test Preparation:

MBR Global Services provides aggressive coaching classes for all English entrance exams required for education in abroad. Our well-trained and experienced facility coaches’ students for the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and PTE examinations to ensure students excel in these exams with high marks so that they can achieve admissions at their dream destinations.

  • Admission Process:

‘Only class toppers can apply to foreign universities is now a clichéd phrase’ you’ve scored 80% yet you’re struggling to find your place in a top Indian university like Delhi University. However, proper planning can help you get into a top foreign university with those grades. A rigorous ‘profile-building can also help applicants with mediocre grades get into a highly ranked university abroad. Through strategic planning, getting into a top foreign university could be easier than securing a place at a top Indian University.

We take care of your entire process admission:

  • Know what to study (courses and subjects)
  • Know where to study (countries according to the budget)
  • Importance of University Ranking
  • Admission Requirements
  • Fee’s and Scholarships
  • Post Study Work Options
  • Visa process, Accommodation and Logistic support.

Visa Process:

At the point of student’s visa process, our team of visa experts carefully guide every student on the following aspects:

  • Visa Application Preparation and Registrations
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Visa Document Checklist
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Visa Mock Interviews
  • Information on latest rules and regulations
  • Personal Approach to building up confidence

Pre-Departure Guidances:

Living abroad can be both rewarding and challenging. To make sure you are informed and prepared before you travel abroad, a pre-departure seminar is organized by MBR (you and even your parents) to ease the entry of Indian students. It provides an insight to the various facets of the student life that the students will witness in a foreign land(to dispel any doubts or fears before they actually fly to your preferred destination). It also provides an opportunity to meet other students and their parents who will be heading abroad and possibly to the same university/city. We shall ensure that you know what to do, where to go and whom to contact once you have landed. We also provide an updated and comprehensive “Pre-Departure Kit” to every student. Here students also get to meet with our value added services vendors for assistance with insurance, foreign exchange, travel, mobile sim, etc. Students who are currently studying overseas or have recently completed their programs share their first hand experience to assist students to adapt to the new culture and environment.

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